Saturday, February 17, 2007


This is to demonstrate how with little modifications a secondary frame of Kerosene wick stove which are available in large numbers in rural areas in India, can also be used a WOODGAS STOVES.

Recently during the field visit to one of the villages, I saw one of the kerosene wick stoves (NUTAN Model WS-11 (basic) designed by Indian Oil Corporation ( - the R&D Centre launched it for the first time in 1977) having a frame which increases the efficiency of the stove, reduces sooth and the flames produced are blue. The secondary frame provides primary and secondary air for burning the un-burnt gases. These stoves are available in rural areas in large numbers. 

An idea stuck, I created a grate with steel wire and by putting pieces of wood, and it instantly turned into a very good woodgas stove (~ 6 inches height and 6 inches diameter). These types of woodgas stoves will hardly cost $ 1 (USD), if produced in large numbers.


Njoha Gathua said...

How can I get detailed pictures of your modification?

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